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Interhaptics and MindPort Partnership

Summary Goal of the Partnership Importance of Realistic Haptic Design in VR Key Features of the Integration Package About Interhaptics About MindPort Future Outlook Supercharge VR App Development in Unity […]

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SenseGlove DK1 is now compatible with Interhaptics (No code experiences for exoskeleton gloves)

Last October, SenseGlove and Interhaptics announced their collaboration to streamline haptic design for exoskeleton gloves. Using the, inspired by hand biology, SenseGlove’s DK1 and Interhaptics’ top-tier development and deployment software for virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) interactions, both companies successfully integrated the DK1 with Interhaptics haptic feedback designer tool.

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Interhaptics collaborates with Matteo Piviotti to study the impact of haptics on VR training

Interhaptics and the VR@POLITO lab of Politecnico di Torino University in Turin, Italy, are collaborating in a study of the impact of haptics in virtual reality (VR) training through an M.Sc. thesis project by Matteo Piviotti.

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Interhaptics Partners with Saarland University around the Haptic Design Challenges in Virtual Reality (VR)

Interhaptics and Saarland University’s HCI Lab and UMTL teams are collaborating to study and better understand the process of designing haptic feedback.

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Interhaptics and SynTouch partner for digital haptic experiences inspired by reality

Interhaptics (Paris, France) and SynTouch Inc. (Los Angeles, California) are partnering to empower creators of digital experiences to deliver haptics experiences inspired by reality without asking them to become haptics experts.

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