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Interhaptics and Kalank are collaborating to enhance the augmented reality (AR) mobile gaming experience with haptics

Nowadays, almost everybody has a smartphone. In fact, there are 5.22 billion smartphone users in the world (Source: And what most people do while waiting for their train, bus or subway, is listening to music and/or playing a game. Indeed, in 2020, the number of mobile game players has increased by 12% compared to 2019, with over 2.5 billion players (Source:

Therefore, mobile game developers are investing more and more time and energy in creating incredible experiences, to satisfy the users’ demand. Competition is fierce and it is essential to keep the user as long as possible playing a mobile game.

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To do so, the user experience must be extremely well-conceived and well-thought-out. We have already approached the subject of the impact of haptic feedback in the user experience in a previous article, which you can find here.

However, Kalank and Interhaptics are joining forces today to study the impact of haptic feedback on mobile gaming, and more particularly augmented reality (AR) content.

Why adding haptics to your mobile gaming application?

People are not connected to a product but to how it feels in their hands, and the perceptions they get from it. Haptic feedback is there to enhance the user experience, and complement it, paired with visual and audio elements. It is a way to convey information to the user. Indeed, the more precise and complex the haptic feedback, the better the user experience.

Haptics mobile

A clever mixture between patterns, time intervals, and intensities can also bring emotions. Any UX designer knows that empathy is crucial when it comes to providing the best experience possible. Therefore, your mobile gaming user experience can be dramatically improved by designing high-quality haptic feedback. For example, when you are playing a tile-matching game, you can feel vibrations every time you swipe to make a combo.

About Kalank

Kalank is a digital experience crafting studio based in Angoulême, France, since 2017. They are a small team devoted to creating digital experiences and surprising games. They are willing, at work as well as in their productions, to develop creativity and the best of everyone, to be ethical and inclusive. Every day, Kalank is meticulously crafting playful and interactive experiences to make history.


“We’re sure haptics will play a big role in creating immersive, delightful, and fun mobile experiences. We’re very happy to collaborate with Interhaptics in order to fully use this technology to increase our retention and players’ satisfaction when playing our games.” Adrien Carta, Co-founder of Kalank & Game Developer

Hello Tokotoko, a KALANK game
Hello Tokotoko, a KALANK game

About Interhaptics

Interhaptics is a software company specialized in haptics. Interhaptics provides hand interactions and haptic feedback development and deployment tools for virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR), mobile, augmented reality (AR), and console applications. Interhaptics’ mission is to enable the growth of a scalable haptics ecosystem. Interhaptics strives to deliver top-notch development tools for the VR/MR/AR, mobile, and console developer community, and the interoperability of haptics-enabled content across any haptics-enabled platform.

“Kalank believes that haptics will be a differentiator for their upcoming game, and interhaptics strives to help creators to design and include haptics in their creations simply and effectively. We are looking forward to helping Kalank achieve a great multisensory gaming experience through Haptics.” said Eric Vezzoli, CEO of Interhaptics.

If you would like to collaborate with Interhaptics & Kalank, you can contact us here.