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Develop engaging XR & Mobile applications!

Interhaptics - Develop engaging XR & Mobile applications!


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Design high quality haptics.

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Haptic Composer - design high quality haptics!


A unique plugin for all interactions.

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Interaction Builder - a unique plugin for all interactions!


Interhaptics - Develop engaging XR & Mobile applications!

Matteo Piviotti


VR Perception

“We develop VR software for training and maintenance in CNC industry. Thanks to Interhaptics, the time for building natural interactions is decreased drastically and the quality of the application is increased a lot. Also, the learning curved had a huge improvement for the avoidance of coding.”

Interhaptics - Develop engaging XR & Mobile applications!

Zlatko Vidrih

Whiteout Pro LIMITED

“Introducing haptics in your application can greatly improve user experience, however it is not trivial to do it. Interhaptics will help you design and add the haptics to your use cases out of the box in a hardware agnostic way.”

Interhaptics - Develop engaging XR & Mobile applications!

XR Developers


“The Development is very fast and easy to remember so I think it’s an excellent development method.”

“You are on the right way, and the key is enhancing the real-time interactions with the developer facing the issues, concerns and perplexities.”

For Every Platform

Interhaptics platform compatibility - Microsoft
Interhaptics platform compatibility - Oculus
Interhaptics platform compatibility - HTC Vive
Interhaptics platform compatibility - HTC
Interhaptics platform compatibility - Varjo
Interhaptics platform compatibility - Ultraleap
Interhaptics platform compatibility - Android

Coming soon!

Interhaptics platform compatibility - Apple iOS

Coming soon!

Interhaptics platform compatibility - Microsoft Hololens 2

Coming soon!


Interhaptics 3D engine compatibility - Unity
Interhaptics 3D engine compatibility - Unreal Engine

Coming soon!

Interhaptics 101

Rich tutorials for developers to include haptics and interaction in XR applications.

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Get Technical

Developer friendly documentation to integrate Haptics and interaction in XR content.

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Interhaptics - Develop engaging XR & Mobile applications!

Interaction Demo

Haptic Demo

Training Demo

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Interhaptics - Develop engaging XR & Mobile applications!
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