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Interaction Builder New Feature: 2-Hand Interaction

The level of realism for hand interaction is extremely important in a haptic immersive experience. It blurs the line between virtual and reality to immerse the user even more. The […]

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The Quest for VR Immersion with Hrafn Thorisson (Haptics Club #8)

Hrafn Thorisson has worked in the field of virtual reality (VR) experiences since 2013. The aim was, and is, to create a believable experience of being somewhere.

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The Process to Design Haptics: Integration Workflow

This article will cover the workflow that product managers should follow when considering haptics within their VR application.

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Touching over the Screen: Matching Haptic Rendering with Product Tactile Cues

In our newly published research into Technology Forecasting and Social Change with Sonia Capelli and Jessica Lichy, we conducted an exploratory study to investigate the effect of interface touch (i.e., haptic rendering stimulation) in relation to product tactile cues for consumer product evaluation and purchase intention.

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What the Future Holds for the Haptics Market with James Hayward (Haptics Club #6)

The Haptics club is an Open community about #Haptics. Founded by members of Unity, Interhaptics, Senseglove, and Nanoport. An event every other week with speakers from various industries and academia.

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