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Actronika and Interhaptics Collaboration Graphic

Interhaptics and Actronika collaborate to achieve the ultimate multi-channel HD Haptic Prototyping.

Interhaptics and Actronika embark 2022 with a partnership to further empower the haptics market and the community, by integrating Actronika’s HSD-Mk1 with Interhaptics.

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Two blue hands touching with blue geometric background

Interhaptics, InterDigital, and Technical University of Munich Technologies Tapped for New MPEG Haptics Standard

The International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) MPEG group selected the technologies for an emerging standard around haptic data representation and coding.

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Perceptions panel of the Haptic Composer 2.0

Haptics Composer 2.0 The wait is over

Our Haptics composer 2.0 and Interhaptics Engine are now ready to enter in Beta Testing phase and be launched on the market shortly in line with our product release roadmap.

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Cover of XR Haptics Implementation and Design Guidelines book

Open Haptics Ecosystem: unlock a tremendous value for the haptics market

By Eric Vezzoli, CEO Interhaptics. Disclaimer I’m opinionated and loud about Haptics. I seek to challenge my views to improve my understanding of the market and technology. If you agree […]

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Smart Haptics Logo

Interhaptics at the Smart Haptics 2021 in San Diego on the 1st & 2nd December

At 11 am on December 1st, Eric Vezzoli, Interhaptics founder and CEO will moderate the panel: Haptics Standard Ascendant.

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