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Vibrotactile Feedback for Enhancing Player Experience in Games

This article is based on a University of Waterloo Library research. Game designers and researchers employ a sophisticated language for producing great player experiences with concepts such as juiciness, which […]

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Haptics Use Cases and Applications in VR: Assistive

Find out how the experts at the Haptics industry forum perceive the possibilities of using haptics and what it can bring to VR Assisstive projects

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Haptics Use Cases and Applications in VR: Tele-existence/Tele-robotics

In this article, you will discover how haptics brings value to this type of project and the different use cases where haptic feedback is applied to tele-existence/telerobotics experiences.

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Building the Haptics Future through Collaboration: The MPEG Haptics Standards submission (Process update #1)

The implementation of accepted standards in a fragmented market always accompanied the growth and consolidation of any industry. This happened multiple times throughout the history of technology with large impacts on the economy of the industry.

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Dualsense controller, an amazing haptic device

Haptic Industry Forum, and Interhaptics strategy for Haptic Standards

For experience creators who are used to content being platform-neutral, the haptic landscape is highly fragmented and inconsistent, which impedes creative exploration of the use of haptics to make novel user experiences.

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