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Cambridge Mechatronics ltd and Interhaptics collaboration annoucement banner

CML and Interhaptics collaborate to bring next generation haptics technology to the metaverse

CAMBRIDGE, England: Cambridge Mechatronics (CML), and Interhaptics are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration to combine their technologies and bring a cutting-edge AR/VR haptics technology demonstrator to the market.

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Mindport and Interhaptics collaboration graphic

Empowering VR development with efficiency and haptics

Interhaptics’s VR Interactions Essentials and Mindport’s VR Builder have been updated to support both products to be used in VR applications together.

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Actronika and Interhaptics Collaboration Graphic

Interhaptics and Actronika collaborate to achieve the ultimate multi-channel HD Haptic Prototyping.

Interhaptics and Actronika embark 2022 with a partnership to further empower the haptics market and the community, by integrating Actronika’s HSD-Mk1 with Interhaptics.

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Two blue hands touching with blue geometric background

Interhaptics, InterDigital, and Technical University of Munich Technologies Tapped for New MPEG Haptics Standard

The International Organization for Standardization and International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) MPEG group selected the technologies for an emerging standard around haptic data representation and coding.

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Interhaptics and Mindport Collaboration Graphic

Interhaptics and MindPort Partnership

Summary Goal of the Partnership Importance of Realistic Haptic Design in VR Key Features of the Integration Package About Interhaptics About MindPort Future Outlook Supercharge VR App Development in Unity […]

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