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Haptic Composer 2.0 illustration

A Path To A Sustainable Haptics Design Process

After quite a lot of user experience research, testing, and frustrating use of our first product we identified a music concept around which we could shape our entire design language : The Haptics Note.

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Two blue hands touching with blue geometric background

Interaction Builder New Features: 2-Hand Interaction & new snapping edition

The level of realism for hand interaction is extremely important in a haptic immersive experience. It blurs the line between virtual and reality to immerse the user even more. The […]

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Simon Frubis testing his haptic feedback

Wearable Haptics and Hand Interactions for VR with Simon Frübis (Haptics Club#9)

The Haptics club is an Open community about #Haptics. Founded by members of Unity, Interhaptics, Senseglove, and Nanoport. An event every other week with speakers from various industries and academia. […]

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Black Guy playing Football with an Oculus Quest 2

Vibrotactile Feedback for Enhancing Player Experience in Games

This article is based on a University of Waterloo Library research. Game designers and researchers employ a sophisticated language for producing great player experiences with concepts such as juiciness, which […]

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VR Training Illustration with senseglove nova haptic glove

Haptics Applications in VR: Virtual Prototyping

While VR makes it possible to model systems and interactions visually, haptics makes these interactions lifelike. This will increase the perceived realism of the user while performing design and review cycles.

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