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what is haptics_haptic stack_interhaptics


Haptics is ongoing a second renaissance in the latest year, with several markets implementing haptics technologies to solve different human interaction challenges. We see today haptics technologies in automotive, gaming, IoT, Virtual and augmented reality, wearable, smartphones, and other related markets.

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haptics for console vr mobile

Interhaptics announce haptic feedback design for PS5, Mobile, and integration with Hololens 2

Interhaptics was released to the public in September 2020. It supports an extensive list of XR controllers, hand tracking systems, and haptic devices.

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Interhaptics with oculus quest

Develop hand tracking for Oculus Quest with Interhaptics

The Oculus is one of the best standalone solutions with an embedded hand tracking system. Thanks to these properties, the Interhaptics team developed a series of demos illustrating the use of hand tracking and haptics with Oculus Quest.

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Interaction Builder Cover

Easily create hand interactions for VR & MR with Interaction Builder

The Interaction Builder will allow you to create endless possibilities to design hand interactions for VR & MR projects.

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heartbeat haptic feedback

Design high-quality haptic feedback for AR/VR, mobile, and consoles

Haptic Composer will show you that haptics can be used as a powerful channel to give new immersive elements to the user in AR/VR, mobile or console experiences.

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