heartbeat haptic feedback

Design high-quality haptic feedback for AR/VR, mobile, and consoles

Haptics Composer empowers you to manipulate and compose the desired haptic feedback for your masterpiece.

In order to fully design your virtual experience and ease your haptic design, we developed a brand new graphical standalone tool to design, test and iterate your haptic experiences: Haptic Composer . 

Interhaptics has been created for the purpose of simplifying the design and the development of haptic feedback and interactive experiences. Haptic Composer will show you that haptics can be used as a powerful channel to give new immersive elements to the user in AR/VR, mobile or console experiences.

Easily create 4 haptic perceptions

Thanks to Haptic Composer, you’ll be able to design 4 haptic sensations at your convenience. The design of Texture, Stiffness, Vibration and Thermal Conductivity will complete your digital world.

With haptic feedbacks, you can translate your environment into tangible objects and give them unique characteristics.

Design Different haptic perceptions with the Haptic Composer
Design 4 Haptic Perceptions

Drag and drop haptic design

Haptic Composer is easy to use. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to create in a few clicks a new and customizable haptic material. While you might take multiple hours to code simple adjustments in your project, with Haptic Composer you can easily and rapidly design your haptic material.

Customize your haptic components in a short time, test it in the design environment, and improve your digital experience.

Stiffness' haptic feedback design from Haptic Composer
Haptic Composer – Design Interface

Musical-like semantic

Haptic design is like a musical mix. You shape your curves by harmonizing the amplitude, the frequency and the lengths of your haptic materials. At the end, you will have a pattern, which will represent your texture or your vibration.

For example, a heartbeat has the same beat that is repeating itself, which in haptics can be translated to a simple loop of vibrations.

VR/MR/AR heartbeat unity 3d
Heartbeat – Made with Interhaptics

Live Preview of your designs

You can preview your composed tactile sensations as you create them with a visual representation without the need to plug any haptic device, controller or hand tracking system.

In Haptic Composer’s preview panel, it renders a live preview of all your adjustments. Therefore, you gain time and precision in your haptic designs. For actual immersive iteration, you can try your haptic material in a VR room and test the result in real time.

Representation of a texture haptic feedback design from the Haptic Composer
Haptic Composer – Preview

Interhaptics allows you to design and develop complex interactions and haptic sensations without previous coding knowledge. With Interhaptics, you’ll be able to build and create haptic feedback for several kind of 3D applications.

Now you have a first idea of what is the Haptic Composer and you’ve created your haptic material.

Your VR experience also needs realistic and immersive interactions. Click here to build complex interactions without any coding knowledge and extend your reality with the help of your new haptic material.

Try now to design your haptic feedback and natural interactions by downloading now our suite.