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haptics for virtual reality training

Haptics for VR training with Interhaptics

Interhaptics allows to cut dramatically the development time of a virtual training scenario. The platform provides several pre-made hands interactions such as levers, cranks, switches, and doors which can be configured easily in the 3D engine. You will be able to create realistic hands-on interactions for hand tracking, or, for more demanding scenarios, design customized haptic feedback for better results.

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Interhaptics with oculus quest

Develop hand tracking for Oculus Quest with Interhaptics

The Oculus is one of the best standalone solutions with an embedded hand tracking system. Thanks to these properties, the Interhaptics team developed a series of demos illustrating the use of hand tracking and haptics with Oculus Quest.

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hand tracking for AR/VR/MR

Hand tracking for VR and MR: naturally inspired UX and input

Hand tracking for VR & MR is bringing a new level of immersion and user experience into XR applications. Indeed, users see a button, reach out and click with their fingertips.

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