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May 25th, 2020  |  By Interhaptics

Haptics for VR training with Interhaptics

Companies increasingly use training sessions in VR and XR forms, which allow to train people at distance with less cost. Interhaptics allows to cut dramatically the development time of a virtual training scenario. Indeed, the platform provides several pre-made hands interactions, such as levers, cranks, switches, and doors. Their configuration is easy in the 3D engine, which include haptics for virtual reality. You will be able to create realistic hands-on interactions for hand tracking. In addition, for more demanding scenarios, you will be able to design customized haptic feedback for better results.

In order to showcase all the possibilities that Interhaptics offer, the team developed a demo on haptics for VR training. The demo includes several interactions for developers who are specialists in the creation of professional training scenarios.

Training in XR: haptics for virtual reality

XR training is reinforced by realistic movements. Indeed, this sort of training is powerful thanks to the memory muscle. When you grab an object, your muscles will remember specific features such as weight, texture, or the strength that you need to grab the object. Interhaptics is designed for hand tracking and it provides a large library of realistic 3D interactions to ease the application development cycle. A large panel of hand interactions is available to be used for all training situations. Thus, haptics for VR training allows users to remember longer what they are learning.

hand tracking Interaction vr training

Scenario development

complex scenario hand tracking vr training

Interhaptics technology allows to handle large and complex scenarios, with the addition of haptics for virtual reality. You can implement standard interactions and trigger events during and at the end of each interaction through APIs. One interaction can trigger multiples events, following the rules you apply on it. For example, in XR training, if you are not respecting the security measures, you will see the consequences of an anomaly during the process.

A fast and easy development

Our technology is based on drag and drop implementation with a low code philosophy. With minimum coding knowledge and little time, you can make your scenario interactive. In a few clicks, you can design, develop, and deploy a fully interactive scene for your project. Moreover, with the addition of haptics for VR training, you will obtain an immersive and stimulating environment for users’ learning.

Implement KPIs in your scenario

KPI for VR training

Interhaptics provides a logic-based interaction engine. Therefore, it allows to implement learning analytics or KPIs in your scenario. For instance, the platform allows to evaluate the competence of the user after completing each section of the training. Thus, you can know the point of difficulty the user met in the demo, and their strengths.

Hand tracking Input Compatibility

Our suite supports hand tracking with most VR devices. Thanks to Interhaptics, you can integrate complex hand tracking interactions in a few clicks within your applications. This include haptics for virtual reality scenarios. Our suite is adaptable for each situation and set of scenarios for your project.

Haptics for VR training is a fantastic way to improve the efficiency of the training process. Companies are understanding this potential and are starting to explore this new way to train their employees. Thus, thanks to our suite, you can create endless scenarios with interactions based on haptics for virtual reality in a short time.

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