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Haptic Composer 2.0 illustration

A Path To A Sustainable Haptics Design Process

After quite a lot of user experience research, testing, and frustrating use of our first product we identified a music concept around which we could shape our entire design language : The Haptics Note.

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Two blue hands touching with blue geometric background

Interaction Builder New Features: 2-Hand Interaction & new snapping edition

The level of realism for hand interaction is extremely important in a haptic immersive experience. It blurs the line between virtual and reality to immerse the user even more. The […]

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Simon Frubis testing his haptic feedback

Wearable Haptics and Hand Interactions for VR with Simon Frübis (Haptics Club#9)

The Haptics club is an Open community about #Haptics. Founded by members of Unity, Interhaptics, Senseglove, and Nanoport. An event every other week with speakers from various industries and academia. […]

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artiness reality interhaptics

Interhaptics & Artiness Collaborate in creating Medical Applications for surgeons on the Hololens 2

Interhaptics is collaborating with Artiness to empower the development of hand tracking and interactions in a Hololens 2 environment for medical and surgical treatment applications

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