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lucid vr

The Open-Source Quest for Touch in VR with Lucas De Bonet (Haptics Club #7)

Lucas De Bonet has been working on a “Do It Yourself” VR haptic glove project for fun, and it got a lot of attention on the internet. The will to make VR haptic gloves accessible and affordable for everybody is what made him go into VR haptics. Therefore, he decided to build it by himself.

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Temporal, dynamic, and interactive nature of multisensory perception with Massimiliano di Luca (Haptics Club #5)

Massimiliano di Luca is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Birmingham with a scientific background. He is working on understanding how humans interact with information coming from different sources.

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The Shocking History of Haptics with David Parisi (Haptics Club #3)

Dive into the fabulous history of haptics with David Parisi, an haptics expert and Associate Professor of Emerging Media at the College of Charleston.

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Haptic design for Automotive with Filip Aleksandrow

Haptic design for Automotive with Filip Aleksandrow (Haptics Club #2)

Digital touch screens are becoming more and more common in cars. But one of the biggest issues is driver safety, and haptics becomes crucial for reducing the time the driver has his eyes off the road by transmitting information through touch.

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bhaptics tactsuit

Haptics in VR gaming with Alex Meland (Haptics Club #1)

When you are in a VR environment you embody the full experience, and it makes a major difference between playing a shooter in a video game and a VR game.

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