Senseglove & Interhaptics partner to streamline haptic design for exoskeletons

senseglove interhaptics

The sense of touch is an essential step in enhancing virtual reality immersion. Streamlining the development and integration of haptics and interactions is a necessary step to scale the use of Haptics in digital content. Moreover, it is fundamental to include a haptic device that can raise the immersion of any XR project. Therefore, Senseglove and Interhaptics are collaborating to enhance XR content, and particularly haptic design for exoskeletons. 

Senseglove offers a haptic device inspired to the hand biology, which provides the force, vibrotactile feedbacks, and motion tracking. In addition, Interhaptics provides top tier development and deployment software for interactions, hand tracking, and haptic feedback. The result of this collaboration is a fantastic haptic design for exoskeletons.

Interhaptics, an haptic design tool

Eric Vezzoli ceo of interhaptics

Eric Vezzoli, Interhaptics CEO & Founder said: “We are excited to work with Senseglove. The Senseglove exoskeleton is at the bleeding edge of Haptics technology for XR training and simulations applications. This collaboration will contribute to our vision of democratizing the touch sense across all digital platforms.” 

senseglove exoskeleton
SenseGlove Exoskeleton

VR haptics is not only about hardware. Engaging applications with realistic interactions require development efforts. That could be time-consuming, especially if you are not a proficient Unity developer! 

Interhaptics provides hand interactions, haptics feedback development and deployment tools. In order to simplify this process for researchers and developers, Senseglove will be integrated with Interhaptics to improve haptic design for exoskeletons. The collaboration will deliver a drag and drop approach for designing haptics and interaction scenarios and may save up to 90% of the development time. 

Senseglove, haptic device & exoskeleton provider

Gijs den Butter ceo of senseglove

Gijs den Butter, SenseGlove CEO stated: “Standardising haptic interactions can only be achieved when working together. Therefore, SenseGlove collaborates with Interhaptics, with their intuitive composer Interhaptics has the potential to transform the XR haptics world and help SenseGlove dream come true: make touch in VR affordable for every professional use-case”. 

Senseglove builds and provides haptic gloves for training, XR simulations, and research. Since 2017, they have merged the connection between the digital world and our reality by developing and providing accessible and intuitive XR devices. Indeed, their devices generate a large variety of tactile effects and increase immersion into your XR experiences. By adding haptic design for exoskeletons, SenseGlove enables natural interactions in spatial computing, resulting in a new digital reality that is accessible for every professional. 

haptic composer interhaptics haptic feedback design
Haptic Composer Interface

Interhaptics is a software company specializing in Haptics, and haptic design for exoskeletons. Interhaptics provides hand interactions, haptics feedback development and deployment tools for extended reality and mobile applications.

The mission of Interhaptics is to enable the growth of a scalable haptics ecosystem. Interhaptics strives to deliver top-notch development tools for the XR, mobile, and consoles developer community. Moreover, it aims to the interoperability of haptics-enabled content across any haptics enabled platforms. 

If you want to collaborate with Interhaptics to design haptics for your device or exoskeletons, contact us here.