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Interhaptics Engine

Interhaptics Engine

A dedicated real time engine to render haptics feedbacks and 3D Interactions.

Translates Hand Gestures
The Interhaptics Engine has an integrated gesture tracking. It interprets hand gestures collected from any hand tracking and controller device in VR and AR content.

Haptics and 3D Interactions Rendering
The engine allows to render real time high-fidelity Haptics feedback and 3D interactions in the VR and AR applications, bringing your creation to life.

Compatible with All Haptic and Tracking Devices
The interhaptics engine is designed to render up to a retina haptic screen for the human body, and it is suitable for any tracking and interaction device.

Collision and Event-Based Haptics

Trigger haptics based on contact with virtual object, or

external and interaction events.

Interhaptics engine helps you to realize your project’s vision whether it’s a video game, a marketing application as well as a heavy-duty procedural training program.

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