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Haptics Composer

Haptic Composer

A standalone graphical tool developed to design, test and iterate your haptic feedback experience.

It features:

Graphical Standalone Development Tool
The first graphical environment for developer and designers to easily create haptic experiences. Much like photoshop for photo editing, and pro-tools for recording.

4 sensations
The haptics composer allows to develop Vibrations, Stiffness's, Textures, and Thermal Conductivity in few clicks. The perceptions are saved in Haptics material files, which can be imported in 3D development engines to add them to your creation.

Design, Test and Iterate in the same environment
Real-time visualization and testing of your Haptic creations. You can preview your composed tactile sensations as you create them without the need of integrating your haptic device.

Collision and Interaction Based haptics
Customize the activation of the tactile feedback on direct virtual contact or interaction. Assign a soft haptic material to a virtual sofa while touching it or feel the movement of a virtual lever while interacting with it.

High-Fidelity Haptics
The Haptic Composer has a high definition interpretation of haptic feedbacks. It represents texture and vibrations up to 16 harmonics (or pitches). With Haptic Composer, you get the perfect tool to illustrate a realistic transmission of haptic feedback in AR and VR.

The haptics composer empowers you to manipulate and compose the desired haptics feedback for your masterpiece.

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