1. Getting Started

Getting started with Interhaptics is simple. First of all, please follow this tutorial that will help you to install and take over Interhaptics.

Check out our tutorial covering the basics of developing interactive and haptics enabled VR and AR content using Interhaptics and Unity 3D.

Haptics Composer

Introduction to Haptics Composer

Haptics with Stiffness

Melodies and Vibration

3D Texture

Interaction Builder

Setup and First Interaction

Rotation, Constraints, and Events

Haptics and Interaction Synergy

2. Compatibilities

Supported Game Engines

      - Unity 2018.4.0 LTS and more

Supported OS    

       - Windows 10 version 1903 and more

Supported controllers 

OpenVRWindows Mixed Reality


Rift S

Oculus Quest

HTC Vive

HTC Vive Pro

HTC Vive Cosmos

Pimax Vision 8K X

Pimax Vision 8K X Plus

Pimax Vision 5K Plus

Pimax Vision 5K XR

HP Reverb

HP VR1000

Lenovo Explorer

Acer OJO 50

Acer AH101

Dell Visor

Samsung Odyssey

Samsung Odyssey+

Supported hand tracking system

Ultraleap (Experimental)

UltraLeap Dev Kit up to SDK 4.0

UltraLeap Embedded: Varjo VR-1

UltraLeap Embedded: Varjo VR-2

UltraLeap Embedded: XTAL

HTC HandTracking SDK
Oculus Quest Hand Tracking

Supported haptics devices

Haptics Devices
GoTouch VR

VR Touch ( SDK )

Planned Compatibilities

Hand Tracking System

HTC Vive Focus

Microsoft Hololens2

3. Installation

Installing Interhaptics is very simple.  Here are the steps to follow:

1  |   Create an account on

2  |   Login to your account and access the download page.

3  |   Download the Interhaptics software.  Once you click on download, and you accept the terms and conditions, you will be presented with your license key.  You can have access to your license key at any time through your Interhaptics Personal Space.  You will also receive a copy by email upon download.

4  |   Once downloaded, run the installer.

5  |   Activate your Interhaptics software with the license key given in step 3.

6  |   Complete installation.

After activation with your license key, the installation will provide you with:

  • Interhaptics unity package
  • Generic Hand Tracking software
  • Haptics Composer software

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