Interaction Builder Tutorials

Check out our tutorials on Interaction Builder and begin to extend your reality!


Learn to setup your unity project to start using Interhaptics. Implement your first interaction in a few clicks.

Create complex 3D interaction

Create more complex 3D interaction of Unity using Interhaptics.

Implementation of combined interactions and the use of constraints to build customized interactions.

Implement haptic material

Link haptic material with 3D interaction with Interaction Builder by Interhaptics.

Implement tailored haptic feedback to your interaction using Interhaptics. Create a haptic material and apply it to your interaction inside Unity.

Create UI and Gameplay with handtracking

Create UI & gameplay mechanism under 30 minutes on Unity 3D using hand tracking.

Hand tracking is a new technology democratized by hardwares such as Leap Motion or Oculus Quest. We are convinced of the strength of hand tracking in the VR & AR world, especially for new UX & UI possibilities.
Haptics & Interaction development become easier with Interhaptics!

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