Interhaptics for Academics

Design Haptic Feedback & Interactions for research.

The full power of the Interhaptics platform for Research

Create unique learning and research experiences using haptics & Interactions simply and efficiently. Enhance your research with high-fidelity haptics design tools, support your haptic device & create advance interaction for all virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) & mixed reality (MR) experiences.

Academic license* is for engaged learning institutions, colleges, and universities. It includes the full versions of Interhaptics products at a significantly reduced price for learning and research activities.

* This package does not include a commercial license.

Value Propositions

Support Commercial Controllers, Exoskeletons, Smartphones, and Wearables.

Teach your students and undertake haptics-related or haptics-supported research with all the integrated devices of Interhaptics.

Click here to see the list of supported devices.

Support commercial controllers, exoskeletons, smartphones, and wearable.
More than just vibrations.  Include textures, forces and stifnesses, and heat perception.

More Than Just Vibrations

With Interhaptics tools, you have the ability to design a plethora of distinct sensations. Include textures, forces and stiffnesses, and heat perception in a few clicks. Interhaptics makes it easy to use haptics in your research.

Integrate your Custom Haptic & Hand Tracking Device

Support your unique haptic device of up to 64 actuators with Interhaptics. Interhaptics technology can power full-bandwidth vibrotactile actuators, force feedback, and carry out ultrasonic or electrostatic friction modulation. In other words, whatever haptics device you are running your research on, we've got you covered!

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Integrate your custom haptic & hand tracking device.
Full bandwidth haptics at your fingertips.

Full Bandwidth Haptics at Your Fingertips

Leverage the power of 8 kHz real time haptics rendering for your research applications. Great haptics just got easier to develop.

Access to Our Partner Studios to Build Research Applications

Our tools make it significantly easier to create virtual reality, mixed reality, augmented reality & mobile content. Create your content from A to Z where you can directly access Interhaptics through our partners software.

Access to our partner studios to build research applications.

Software Overview

Interhaptics for Academics includes:

The Haptic Composer

Refine your high-fidelity haptic creations in the Haptic Composer, the most powerful user-friendly software to design exceptional haptics currently on the market. The Haptic Composer has a range of features, including:

High-fidelity haptic feedback design.

3 haptic perceptions.

Graphical design.

Interaction Builder & Interhaptics Unity Plugin

A low code 3D engines plugin to develop realistic hand interactions within 3 clicks. The application increases the value of the creation while significantly decreasing the time of development. Best used for hand-tracking and UX.

Interhaptics Player

Test, share, and compare your haptic creations with the Interhaptics Player, our testing companion app. With one snapshot, you can have all your creations at your fingertips, allowing you to:

Upload your haptic materials.

Test and compare through 3 different perceptions.

Share them in one click.

Access to Exoskeletons, Hand Tracking Systems, and Third-Party Haptic Technology

Create immersive experiences and elevate them by leveraging haptics and hand tracking technologies in the Interhaptics Exosystem. Design your haptic feedback and deploy it to any of the supported devices directly through the Haptic Composer.

API Access & Documentation to Integrate Your Custom Haptics Device

Get exclusive and extensive user documentation to walk you through how to integrate your custom haptic actuator or device with Interhaptics, and start designing great haptic experiences for your device.

Interhaptics Unity Plugin

Your haptics materials are intelligently used by the Interhaptics unity plugin. It includes the Interhaptics Engine, the most powerful haptics renderer on the market, ability to attach haptics to events or collisions, haptics looping or texture-based rendering.

Haptics rendering for all smartphones.

Collision and event-based haptics.

Haptics looping and section play.

Technical Support

Need support? We are here!
Interhaptics guides you through your Virtual Reality (VR) & Mixed Reality (MR) journey. Ping our community or developers in the Discord channel with any questions you might have and enjoy direct technical support with our haptics experts. There is a high chance we already have the perfect solution for you!

Refine your high-fidelity haptic creations in the Haptic Composer and design advanced haptic feedback.


The Haptics for Academics package features full integration with all of the following devices:


Oculus is supported by Interhaptics.
Oculus Quest is supported by Interhaptics.
Windows Mixed Reality is supported by Interhaptics.
Steam VR is supported by Interhaptics.
Pico will soon be supported by Interhaptics.

Coming soon!

Hand Tracking, Haptic Gloves & Exoskeleton

Oculus Quest is supported by Interhaptics.
Hololens 2 is supported by Interhaptics.
Senseglove is supported by Interhaptics.
Nanoport is supported by Interhaptics.
SensoryX is supported by Interhaptics.
Manus will soon be supported by Interhaptics.

Coming soon!

Bebop will soon be supported by Interhaptics.

Coming soon!


Woojer is supported by Interhaptics.
Any other audio haptic device is supported by Interhaptics.


Interhaptics supports and deploys to Android.
Interhaptics supports and deploys to iOS.

How can I use it?

Interested in using Interhaptics for all your upcoming academic projects?


Download your Interhaptics for Academics package.


Install the Interhaptics Suite on your computer.


Download the Interhaptics Player app:

For Android
For iOS


Design your Haptics Feedback & Interactions.


Deploy everywhere!

Need more help to get started? Refer to our documentation, tutorials, FAQ, and make sure to sign up to our Discord Channel for direct support and to connect with our community of developers.

User Reviews

Check out what some of our users from the Unity Asset Store have to say about Interhaptics!

"The best hand tracking tool!"

I have to improve my rating again. I've also been a developer for several years and since Google cardboard I've been working IN VR with the development of various projects. I've tried various tools myself that are also good, when it comes to hand tracking, this product is the best that you can currently find in Unity.


"Hand tracking is easy..."

Easy to integrate and I can make my hand tracking apps super quickly. The time saved is worth the price.


"Very handy asset and great support!"

This asset is the backbone of hand interaction in my Quest project. The support is amazing, the team really care about the package and they respond fast to feature and tutorial requests. After setting up, the entire package works right out of the box and super smooth. Thank you!



Price/license (one shot)

Interhaptics cost for haptic feedback and natural interaction design.

Controllers Haptics

Virtual Reality commercial controllers' haptics supported by Interhaptics.

Wearable Haptics

Design haptic feedback for wearble devices.

Exoskeletons & Haptic Gloves

Design haptic feedback & Interactions for haptics exoskeletons & gloves.

Smartphone Haptics

iOS and Android operating systems supported for haptic feedback design.

Hololens 2

Natural interactions design for Hololens2 supported.

Unity Plugin

Plugin for Unity for haptic feedback implementation.

Haptic Composer for Windows

Haptic feedback design with the Haptic Composer for Windows.

Haptic Composer for MacOS

Haptic feedback design with the Haptic Composer for MacOS.

Interhaptics Player

Mobile app allowing to test haptic designs directly on smartphone.

Interaction Design

Natural interactions for VR/AR/MR optimized for hand tracking & UX.

Off-the-Shelf Interactions

Natural Interaction assets ready to-use.

Standard Support

Support from our developers team to design natural interactions for hand tracking and tracking gloves.

Integrate Custom Haptic Actuator

Access to the documentation to support for new haptic device for haptics feedback design.

Advanced Support

One-on-one support on projects and custom solutions evaluation for haptics feedback and natural interactions design.

Onboarding & Training

Support for installation and training for haptics feedback design.


€ 800

Coming soon!



Are you a student interested in using Interhaptics?

You may be eligible for a discount! Tell us more about your project, we would love to support your research efforts.

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Learn the Basics

Not sure how to get started with our tools for haptics and interactions?
We’ve got you covered. Learn everything there is to know:

Discover Interhaptics' rich set of tutorials for developers to use to develop their own Haptic Feedback.

Rich tutorials for developers to include haptics and interaction in XR applications.

Access our tutorials

Explore the Interhaptics documentation to help you integrate Haptic Feedback and Hand Interactions in your VR project.

Developer friendly documentation to integrate Haptics and Interaction in XR content.

Read the documentation

If you have any questions, start by searching through our FAQs, where you may find your answer.

Have a question? Start by browsing through our Frequently Asked Questions.

Access our FAQs

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