Interaction Demonstrator

Discover a large library of virtual interactions in our interaction demo and upgrade the immersion of your VR world.

Finger Interactions

Handle finger interactions such as pinching, buttons, or slides. You can set the parameters, modify them, and create high-precision finger interactions for your virtual environment using our Interaction Builder.

Handle finger interactions as pinch, buttons, or slides.
Use the power of hand tracking with one or two hand interactions.

Hand Interactions

Use the power of hand tracking with smooth and precise hand interactions. Learn more about how Interhaptics allows developers to create the best possible hand interactions here.

Complex interactions

Manage complex interactions, from going for a spin on a mini racetrack or operating a crane to making your morning OJ. Interhaptics simplifies the process for developers, making it significantly easier to create complex interactions that are realistic, effective, and precise.

Manage complex interactions with an easy spin in mini racetrack or operating a crane to make your morning OJ.
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