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November 18th, 2020  |  By Interhaptics

Interhaptics for PS5, Mobile, and Hololens 2

Interhaptics is a Haptics software company specializing in tools for haptic design and rendering, and hand tracking interactions for digital platforms as Mobile, XR, and consoles.  

We are announcing today  

  1. Integration of Interhaptics with Hololens 2 
  2. Haptic design for all mobile phones early 2021 
  3. Upcoming Haptic design for PS5 in 2021 

Interhaptics was released to the public in September 2020. It supports an extensive list of XR controllers, hand tracking systems, and haptic devices. Today the tool covers both Windows-based and Android-based XR devices. The peripheral supported span from Oculus and Ultraleap Hand tracking, to Go Touch VR haptics devices and all commercial XR controllers. With the release of Facebooks’ latest creation, the Quest 2 in October 2020, Interhaptics is already supporting the device for both hand tracking and haptic feedback design.  

Hololens 2 

Credit: Microsoft

One of the major XR platforms used in business applications is Microsoft Hololens 2. We are proud to announce that Interhaptics will support hand tracking interactions design for Hololens 2 by the end of November 2020. 

The HoloLens 2 has a higher hand tracking precision compared to other windows-based VR devices. Interhaptics provides solid hand interaction performances which complement smoothly Microsoft MRTK far interactions. Interhaptics creators will have the ability to deploy their projects to another platform. HoloLens 2 users in the industrial & healthcare market can leverage the powerful interaction engine of Interhaptics to naturally manipulate virtual objects. Interhaptics will optimize the immersive experience for the end-user, whether they are using Hololens 2 for training or design. MR content will be more impactful with Interhaptics.   


The largest haptics market in the world is Smartphones! Interhaptics will release haptics design mobile compatibility in early 2021.  

Haptics and interactions enabled content is consumed in a huge number of devices (4.2B are the active smartphones in 2020 according to Newzoo, most of them with AR capabilities). Creating haptic experiences and having precise haptic feedback in over 4 billion devices worldwide will be a game-changer in optimizing the user experience for AR and mobile applications. 

Interhaptics is happy to announce that it will support haptics design for both Android and IOS. We are opening a new level of immersion in the Mobile gaming industry or where your imagination takes you.  

Feel explosions, swordplay, precise controls, and texture feeling. These are some of the use cases that Interhaptics allows for mobile gaming. All are already included in Unity.  

Interhaptics is expecting to release a beta of its haptics design tool for mobile by the end of 2020 and launching the new platforms in Q1 of 2021.  

PS5 by Sony 

Crédit: Sony

The haptics industry is at a great hype after the announcement of the release of Sony’s latest gaming console, the Playstation 5. This next-generation PS5 has expanded the use of haptics in the gaming industry.  

It shook the market with its high-performance controllers. 

The Dualsense5 is equipped with 4 haptics actuators, 2 for force feedback or stiffness, and the 2 with large bandwidth vibrations immersing the players in the gaming experience.  

Interhaptics will be compatible with the PlayStation 5’s haptics, game developers will soon be able to easily create, design, render and deploy haptic material using Interhaptics’s Haptics Composer on all 4 actuators. All in a few clicks. The expected release of PS5 on Interhaptics will be on H1 of 2021.  

If you would like to collaborate with Interhaptics and grow the haptic community, you can contact us directly here. Stay tuned to all exciting and new announcement follow us on social media channels and make sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.