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Oculus Quest with Interhaptics: hand tracking & interactive content for VR

April 27th, 2020  |  by Admin

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In our last blog post, we explained how to create 3D interaction for XR. Now it’s time to understand how to use it. As a reminder, Interhaptics is a cross-platform development suite designed to build and create natural interactions and haptic feedback for extended reality. The mission of Interhaptics is to democratize Haptics. Nowadays, many technologies are entering the market and are participating in the XR development. In this blog post, we will dive into how Interhaptics leverages the Oculus Quest to create engaging and immersive content.

The Oculus is one of the best standalone solutions with an embedded hand tracking system. Thanks to these properties, the Interhaptics team developed a series of demos illustrating the use of hand tracking and haptics with Oculus Quest. Interhaptics was already supporting interactions, gestures, and haptics for VR controllers in Windows. You can alternate between different VR controllers in the Interhaptics Daemon interface.

When the Oculus Quest was starting in May 2019, we worked to add its devices directly to our controllers supporting list. The first step was to integrate Oculus Quest controllers into Interhaptics to leverage all the haptics and interaction features already included. We produced several videos, which gives you an overview of all these interactions.

Here are different examples:

· Textures

· Turning Wheel

· Sliders

· Heart Beating

Having integrated Oculus Quest, the next step was to support Oculus Quest hand tracking with a full integration inside our interaction framework. We created a customed algorithm to compute virtual grasping strengths, which allow precise and control over interactions like in real life. From now onwards, you can switch between controllers and hand tracking as you wish, as Oculus Quest allows it.

Hand tracking extreme cases recognition

As we said before, one of the objectives of Interhaptics is to democratize haptics. Interhaptics allows creating high definition haptic feedback for generic haptic devices. Below we showcase the integration of an Oculus Quest in external haptic devices. This is used in one of the first full portable haptic training solutions in Quest, using Interhaptics technology.

We guarantee the compatibility with the Oculus Quest. However, if you have a device that is different from the Oculus Quest, you can still use Interhaptics to create your interactive project. We provide consistency of haptics and hand interaction between platforms to give XR developers the possibility to create their content without wasting time.

Oculus Quest Users, it is time for you to extend your reality! Download Interhaptics and try now all our demos. Check out all our articles here to read about how haptics keeps you immersed in your VR experiences.