Training Demonstrator

Test a complex training scenario that can be implemented to you next VR training project. Experience the VR training that includes both complex interactions with hand tracking and controllers with haptic feedback. Only possible with Interhaptics.

Scenario Development

In the Training Demo you’ll experience a complex procedural scenario. You can implement standard interactions and trigger events during and at the end of each interaction through APIs. One interaction can trigger multiples events following the parameters applied to it.

A Fast and Easy Development

All interactions applied in the training demo were built with interhaptics. We designed, develop, and deployed a fully interactive scenario with the implementation of the drag & drop feature and low code philosophy.

Implement KPI in Your Scenario

Get evaluated and know how well you did in your training session, with the implemented learning analytics or KPIs’ in the demo.

Hand Tracking Input Compatibility

A scenario reinforced by realistic movements. Test and apply hand tracking from the readymade interaction library in the demo.

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