Haptic Composer

A Software to Design Exceptional Haptics

The Haptic Composer is a graphical tool that allows you to create haptics in minutes. The application will enable you to design high-quality haptics feedback, which increases user engagement with digital creations.

High Fidelity Haptics

The Haptic Composer includes high definition haptics, which allow you to design your haptics with multiple waveforms of up to 1 micrometer density and 1,000 Hz bandwidth. Features include:

Ability to add up to 16 waveforms.

1 micrometer density.

1000 Hz rendering bandwidth.

The Haptic Composer includes high definition haptics in just minutes.
Design your own textures, vibrations, and stiffness with one simple, yet powerful tool.

4 Haptics Perceptions

The Haptic Composer lets you design haptics as you perceive them. Design your own haptic feedback & material. Features include:




Thermal Conductivity - Coming soon!

Develop in Minutes!

You can create haptics as if you’re composing music. The Haptic Composer uses and includes the following features:

Graphical development.

Integrated with 3D engines.

Vast, ready-to-use haptics material library.

The Haptic Composer uses a complete graphical development pipeline, natively integrated with 3D engines.

Software Overview

The Haptic Composer is a graphical tool that allows you to create haptics in minutes for hours’ worth of work.

Deploy Everywhere!

Easily create haptics for any device available thanks to the Interhaptics engine.


The Haptic Composer is easily installed onto your PC and does not require any internet connection.

No Code

The Haptic Composer uses an ergonomic user-interface that allows even the most inexperienced of users to adapt to its functionalities within a few minutes.

Refine your high-fidelity haptic creations in the Haptic Composer and design advanced haptic feedback.


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