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Getting Started

How to get started with Interhaptics?

  • What is Interhaptics?

Interhaptics is a development suite created for all XR and mobile application. The suite includes two dev applications, The Haptics Composer and the Interaction Builder. With these two applications, users will have all necessary tools to create, design, and build immersive, interactive XR project, with little time and effort and no limitation on platform deployment. 

  • Are there any video tutorials to help get started with Interhaptics?

You can find all our tutorials by clicking here.

  • Does Interhaptics provide X features?

Ask to our developers on discord!

  • Where can I find API documentation?

Find all the informations you need on our documentation page.

  • Do I need all the modules to make it work?

No. The Haptic Composer is a standalone software. Each module of our Unity packages (Interaction Builder & Interhaptics Engine) can be used separately depending on your needs. For example, you can integrate haptics within your own interaction module! Remember that we propose multiple plans for you here to find the best suited for your projects.


  • Can I use Interhaptics on Unreal?

Not for the moment, but we’ll be soon supporting it. Stay tuned!

Unity Integration

  • Which Unity version should I use?

Every module of Interhaptics should be compatible from Unity 2018.4 up to 2019.4

However, we advise the use of Unity 2019+ for any VR development on Oculus Quest.

  • How to integrate the Oculus Quest?


  • Why my HMD is not working when I import Interhaptics package inside Unity?

After importing Interhaptics you need to configure your Unity project to be compatible with XR content. For that you need to enable VirtualRealitySupported setting inside Edit > Project Settings > Player > XR Settings” and configure your project to support your headset. 

Also check our list of supported devices here.

  • Is there any risk of incompatibility with my previous projects if I update Interhaptics?

Projects developed during the beta might generate some conflicts since we reshaped a lot the internal architecture of our modules. However, further updates will preserve all developers’ content.


  • Why do I have errors in Unity after the import of the Unity Package?

Make sure your project includes the SDK of the device you are developing for. For example, if you want to build your application for Oculus Quest, you must have the Oculus Integration package in your project. You would also need to make sure that you have the “VR” enabled in your project, and “.Net” compatibility is set to 4.X.



  • What is haptics in Interhaptics?

Interhaptics core contains a hardware agnostic haptic rendering engine (HAR). Using the Haptic Composer, you can design a haptic material which can be used as an asset in the creation of your use cases. HAR interprets the interactions between the avatar and the interactive objects and converts them to haptic signal which can be applied to 3rd party haptic devices. By default, HAR supports most common and currently available wearable haptic devices such as XR controllers, and GoTouchVR VRtouch device, however the HAR is easily extendable and 3rd party devices and can be easily added with a plugin system by implementing a simple interface. This enables you to build your use case once and it will support any current or future device available in the market.

  • How do I export my haptic material to a universal format?

There is no universal format, but we export it to be used with our haptic rendering engine.

  • Can I use a sound to do haptic?

Not yet with Interhaptics but soon!


  • Can I use the Interaction builder with a custom Rig?

Totally! You will still have to re-assign the interaction bodyparts to your rig and compute a grab strength by yourself, but the whole interaction system will work right after. 


  • Where can I contact your developers?

By joining the discord community here.

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