Interhaptics Engine

Interhaptics Engine is a C++ Core system with open API powering the Interhaptics Suite with high fidelity haptics rendering, and complex 3D interactions computation.

Engine Features

Bone based on both interactions and Haptic feedback.
  • Every bone of the human body can be linked to a channel that will communicate to your controller / haptic device.
Interactions computation
  • Combination of object kinematic behaviors with complex constraints and starting and ending conditions.
  • Real-time computation of the relations between hand, objects, and constraints
Haptics rendering
  • Collision and event-based haptic feedback for starting conditions.
  • 30Hz haptics rendering precision with an incoming update to go up to 400Hz precision.
  • Decorrelated rendering process to real-time compute Textures, Vibrations, Stiffness, and Thermal Conductivity.
  • Full body haptics rendering compatibility (128 haptics channel).
  • Architecture scalability for retina haptics displays (32768 haptics channel)
Translates input to hand gestures with GUI to manage preferences between devices
  • Background service that gets input from controllers or hand tracking system and translates it into a hand gesture.
  • Manage your preferences to define a priority order on which controllers/devices should be used.
  • UI for the gesture tracking feature.  Simply drag and drop to change the order of preference.  If a device cannot be loaded, it will check for the next one on the list.


Haptic Render Scripts
  • Haptic Object (apply easily usable haptic material).
  • Body Part (define which object is linked to which body part).
  • Haptic Manager (manage all connections between body parts, haptic object, Interhaptics engine).

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