Haptic Composer 2.0 (Beta)

Haptic Composer is a complete software solution for PC which allows users to easily create and design haptic materials. It is game engine independent and it is compatible with all the devices supported by Interhaptics for real-time haptic testing.

Want to be one of our beta testers? Please fill out that form to be the first to test the new Haptic Composer.


  • Click on one of the following buttons on our landing page to create an account.

  • Enter the email address previously provided to the Interhaptics Team

  • Enter the 6-digit code to validate the account
  • Set up a password and click on register & download the free trial

  • Once the account is created, use the credentials to log in to the composer.

If you experience any trouble or issues, please email

  • Click on the link you received by mail to download the beta package.
    This package includes the Haptic Composer, the unity SDK, the APK of the Interhaptics Player (for Android users), and an invitation link for test flight (for iPhone users).
  • Follow the instructions provided to install the software and log in using the email you’ve previously provided. 

    For detailed instructions follow the annex below.

    1. Refer to the Haptic Composer V2 questionnaire to access the testing scenarios to help guide the evaluation.
    2. Join the Haptic Composer Beta Discord for direct support. Please send us a message once you’ve joined. One of the Interhaptics team will contact you to request your feedback

    The Haptic Composer will be downloaded as a compressed file. To open it, you can use an application like 7zip. Once unzipped, you have access to a .exe file.

  • Double click on the file to start the installation. We will first ask you to choose the destination folder. 

Then it will only take a few minutes to complete the installation. You'll be able to add a shortcut to your desktop and open it directly at the end of this installation.

  • Once opened, you will first have to connect with the email and the password you created your account. This will be very useful when you want to test your material on your phone (check our features to know more about it).

  • Before using the haptic composer, we suggest you have a look at the 2 minutes onboarding which introduces you to the main features of the tool. You can skip it if you want by clicking on the button on the top right.

Need more support? Follow this tutorial to perfectly use the Haptic Composer or join our discord channel to be in contact with the Interhaptics tech team.


Supported Game Engines
  • Unity 2019.4+ until 2020.2

Supported OS
  • Windows 10 version 1903 and more

Planned Compatibilities
  • Unreal Engine


  • Standalone Software with Modulable UI:

  • Music-like semantic with notes, melodies, and composition.
  • Open, save, and export your material directly to your game engine:

  • Try in real-time your material with the device of your choice in a virtual lab powered by the Interhaptics Engine.
  • Graphical representation for easy manipulation of data:

  • Manage space and time in dimensions to scale your material to your project.
  • Change perceptions inside your material:

  • Drag and drop your notes on your timeline.

  • 60+ haptics notes presets ready to use.

  • Test, share, and compare your haptic creations with the Interhaptics Player, our testing companion app.

Please note iPhones have a minimum frequency of 65Hz and a maximum frequency of 300Hz. We don't have data enough for Android Phones, a lot of them are not up to date on the haptic side.

Haptics perceptions

Description / Preview
Combine multiple haptics melodies to compose a complex material.

Add and remove notes from your melodies.

Have full control over each note's amplitude, length, and frequency.

Mute, normalize, or change melodies evaluation to fit your needs.

Texture Specific
Description / Preview
Design haptics in space

Description / Preview
Segment the stiffness of your material by adding and removing keyframes.
Manage the tangent around each keyframe to shape the curve of the stiffness.

Vibration Specific
  • Visual pre-visualization of the vibration.
  • Time-based vibration that can be triggered once or in a loop.

Thermal Conductivity
  • Even if no haptics device is available on the market yet, Interhaptics Engine already supports thermal conductivity rendering.


Drag and drop materials directly in your Unity project to use them with other Interhaptics modules.

Check out the Interhaptics Engine section to learn more.

IssueShort-term solution
Double click on compatible files reopen an instance of the composerNone
Copy-paste multiple notes inconsistencies
Update incoming
Undo redo inconsistencies
Try refreshing the view by clicking on the current perception
Presets drag & drop inconsistencies
Installation triggers windows warning
Accept anyway
Mobile app: cloud material's texture is not working (testing examples are working)
Update incoming
Mobile app: Stiffness is not working on iOS
Update incoming
UI scaling / alignment issues on wide and 4k monitors
Account creation: not possible to use email address anymore if the account validation page is refreshed during the process
Contact support

Packages associated

The haptic composer is available with the Haptics for VR and MR package and the Haptics for mobile and AR package.

Tutorials and Demos

Check out the Haptic Composer tutorials to make sure you start your project in the best conditions.

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