Haptic Composer

Haptic Composer is a complete standalone software for haptic material creation, game engine independent and compatible with all devices supported by Interhaptics for real time testing.


  • Standalone Software with Modulable UI:

  • Music-like semantic with notes, melodies, and composition.
  • Open, save, and export your material directly to your game engine:

  • Try in real-time your material with the device of your choice in a virtual lab powered by the Interhaptics Engine.
  • Graphical representation for easy manipulation of data:

    • Manage space and time in dimensions to scale your material to your project.
    • Mute perceptions inside your material:

    Haptic Perceptions

    Description / Preview
    Combine multiple haptics melodies to compose a complex material.
    Add and remove notes from your melodies.
    Have full control over each note's amplitude, length, and frequency.
    Mute, normalize, or change melodies evaluation to fit your needs.

    Texture Specific
    Description / Preview
    3D pre-visualization of the textures.
    Spatial representation.

    Description / Preview
    Segment the stiffness of your material by adding and removing keyframes.
    Manage the tangent around each keyframe to shape the curve of the stiffness.

    Vibration Specific
    • Visual pre-visualization of the vibration.
    • Time-based vibration that can be triggered once or in a loop.

    Thermal Conductivity
    • Even if no haptics device available on the market yet, Interhaptics Engine already supports thermal conductivity rendering.


    Drag and drop materials directly in your project to use them with other Interhaptics modules.

    Checkout the Interhaptics Engine section to learn more.

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