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Design & Deploy haptic feedback to your Haptic Dev kits.

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Interhaptics for Haptic Components: allows haptic technology providers to design powerful high-fidelity haptics development kits for clients. Ensure client satisfaction with top-notch haptic designs and provide the best experience for creating haptic feedback.

Value Propositions

Full Bandwidth Haptics at Your Fingertip

Leverage the power of 8 kHz real time haptics rendering for your research applications. Great haptics just got easy.
Same with 8 Khz and Haptics.

Full bandwidth haptics at your fingertips.
More than just vibrations - include textures, forces, and stiffnesses.

More Than Just Vibrations

Include textures, forces and stiffnesses, and heat perception. Everything in a few clicks. Incorporate them into your research content.

Integrate your Custom Haptic & Hand Tracking Device

Support your unique haptic device of up to 64 actuators with Interhaptics. Interhaptics technology can power full-bandwidth vibrotactile actuators, force feedback, and carry out ultrasonic or electrostatic friction modulation. In other words, whatever haptics device you are running your research on, we've got you covered!

Integrate your custom haptic & hand tracking device.

Software Overview

Haptic Tech. Components package includes:

The Haptic Composer

Iterate the design of your high-fidelity haptics creations in the composer. Our software to design exceptional haptics.

Design high fidelity haptics

3 haptic perceptions

Graphical design

Technical Support

Need support? We are here!
Interhaptics guides you through your XR journey. Ping our community or developers in the Discord channel. You will have direct technical support with our haptics experts. There is a high chance that we already find out the solution you are looking for!

API Access & Documentation to Integrate Your Custom Haptics Device

Get exclusive users documentation to walk you through and support you how to integrate your custom haptic actuator or device with Interhaptics and start designing great haptic experiences for your device.

Refine your high-fidelity haptic creations in the Haptic Composer and design advanced haptic feedback.


Nanoport is supported by Interhaptics.

How can I use it?

Interested in using interhaptics for all your upcoming Academic projects?


Download Haptics Components Packages.


Install the Interhaptics Suite on your computer.


Design your Haptics Feedback for your Dev. Kits.


Deploy to your device!

Need more help to get started? Refer to our documentation, tutorials, FAQ, and make sure to sign up to our Discord Channel for direct support and to connect with our community of developers.


Interested in acquiring Interhaptics for your haptic component?
Contact us to get your hand on your copy.


Subscription cost for haptic feedback design for haptics technology components.

Unity Plugin

Plugin for Unity to perfrom haptic design.

Haptic Composer for Windows

Haptic feedback design with the Haptic Composer for Windows.

Haptic Composer for MacOS

Haptic feedback design with the Haptic Composer for MacOS.

Standard Support

Support from our developers team on Discord and via contact form on the website to perform haptic design.

Advanced Support

One on one support on projects and custom solutions evaluation for haptics feedback design.

Onboarding & Training

Support for installation and training for haptics feedback design.

Integrate your Haptic Actuator

Documentation & Support to integrate your own haptic actuator to Interhaptics.


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Learn the Basics

Not sure how to get started with our tools for haptics and interactions?
We’ve got you covered. Learn everything there is to know:

Discover Interhaptics' rich set of tutorials for developers to use to develop their own Haptic Feedback.

Rich tutorials for developers to include Haptic Feedback and hand interactions in Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR), smartphones, Augmented Reality (AR), and other platforms.

Access our tutorials

Explore the Interhaptics documentation to help you integrate Haptic Feedback and Hand Interactions in your VR project.

Developer friendly documentation to integrate Haptic Feedback and hand interactions in Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (VR), smartphones, Augmented Reality (AR), and other platforms content.

Read the documentation

If you have any questions, start by searching through our FAQs, where you may find your answer.

Have a question regarding Haptics Tech. Components? Start by browsing through our Frequently Asked Questions.

Access our FAQs

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Check out these amazing mobile apps that were made using Generic Haptics, and learn more about the kinds of ways you can use this package to make your apps a success, too!

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