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Become a partner with Interhaptics and join the haptics ecosystem.

Interhaptics partners with different software providers, giving them access to Interhaptics APIs and documentation to integrate Haptics technology, software, or haptic OEMs with the Interhaptics software development tools and Plug-in Module.

Optimize your software & design tools by exposing your users to the large ecosystem of haptics and hand tracking technologies. Integrate Interhaptics with your software, design tools, or creative apps and have access to all our current and future compatible and supported devices.

Upgrade your extended reality content creator, 3D Designer, and creative tools with the ability to easily create hand interactions and haptic feedback to all applications.

Partner ecosystem, process workflow, integrations, and compatibility chart.

Value Propositions

Save up to 90% of your interaction’s development time

Cross platform and cross device compatibility

Access to haptics and hand-tracking technology providers

How to Become a Partner

To better understand the technologies, we provide you with the documentation on our software and guidance on how to integrate with Interhaptics. However, if you are interested in having our hand interaction and haptic feedback development tools in your software you can contact us here.


Fill out the partner's form.

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For interaction, ensure your software is Unity or Unreal Engine based.


Validate the integration through the demo.


Certification of the technologies.

Success Stories

Our software partners are leaders in the VR and haptics fields. Discover them here:

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