Interhaptics Engine

The Interhaptics engine is the workhorse powering Interhaptics.

Haptics and 3D Interactions Rendering for all devices

The Interhaptics engine renders real-time high-fidelity Haptics and 3D interactions for XR and mobile.

Spatial Haptics

Render precise and refined spatial details of your haptics experience. Find satisfactory and discernible button clicks, soft and hard objects, as well as refined spatial details of haptics textures. 2D and 3D spaces are not an issue for the Interhaptics engine.

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Haptics Hyper Sampling

Get the best Haptics experience with todays and future technologies. The Haptics Hyper sampling technology of Interhaptics renders Haptics above 1 kHz, and up to 1-micrometer resolution.

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3D Interactions Management

Compute and render in real-time 3D interactions for hands. The Interhaptics engine allows you to easily port your creation on any platform thanks to the external computation.

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Collision and Event-Based Haptics

Trigger haptics based on contact with virtual objects, external events, and parametric interactions.

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