Create Complex Interactions for All XR Applications

A low code 3D engines plugin to develop realistic hand interactions in within 3 clicks. The application increases the value of the creation while significantly decreasing the time of development. Best used for hand-tracking and UX.

Create an Interaction within three clicks

The Interaction Builder architecture lets you create a hand interaction in no time! It includes:

A vast library of interaction primitives

A simple way to compose multiple interactions

Rapid iteration processes

Built for Hand-Tracking

This includes several technologies to create stable, satisfactory experiences with hand-tracking and controllers. It includes:

Multiple grasping recognition

Develop once, deploy everywhere

Integrated with controllers

90% Faster Development

An independent software validation showed how the Haptic Composer creates an interactive scenario 90% faster. It includes:

Point-and-click developments

Fast iterations

Software Overview

The interaction builder is a unique plugin for games engines to create in three clicks immersive interactions.

Low Code

The Interaction Builder uses a low code philosophy for developments, so you can simply point and click.

Robust Events Manager

The interaction builder includes a robust event manager to simply create interactive scenarios.

Hands-Objects Management

Thanks to the Interhaptics engine, the Interaction Builder manages the hand behaviour on objects.


You will be integrated with an entire ecosystem. Check the current state here!

Interhaptics Interaction Builder - Hololens 2 support!

Coming soon!

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