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September 8th, 2020  |  By Interhaptics

Interhaptics Celebrates Success of BETA

The AR / VR development community has embraced Interhaptics. Its open beta program has delivered powerful tools to help create the next — generation of immersive content.

August 8, 2020

Immersive applications and mobile developers are faced with the challenge to develop for haptics and immersive interactions across many devices and user interfaces. The results are often poor or verticalized implementations driving up the development costs and decreasing the value for the final user and portability. Fortunately, a smart solution to this problem is available for developers from Interhaptics.

Interhaptics addresses this problem with a powerful graphical development tool for Haptics designer compatible with every consumer device, and an interaction creator cross-compatible between different hand-tracking methods. The company recently celebrated the success of its open beta program within the developer community where it has received an overwhelming response. Interhaptics has been in open beta since mid-February 2020 with over 200 downloads and over 300 registered developers, including a number of very high-profile companies. The full launch of its development suite targeting the XR market first for gaming and training is planned for September 2020 to high anticipation. The enthusiasm surrounding the developer tools is high and rising.

“3 B humans have a haptics device in their pocket, and no one is really leveraging it,” commented Eric Vezzoli CEO and Founder of the company. “Interhaptics is going to change that. We empower digital creators to engage on a deeper level with their customers through the sense of touch. Humans use hands since they were born. We empower creators in include believable and stable hand interactions within their digital applications.”

Zlatko Vidrih Interhaptics Co-Founder, added quite passionately, “At Interhaptics we believe that the XR content developers should focus on implementation of the use cases, and not on interaction mechanics. Our vision is to provide the interaction and haptics design tools to ease and speed up the development and deployment processes.”

Founded in 2017, Interhaptics conducted a successful fundraiser for a million dollars, with the mission to deliver consistent, realistic, and immersive solutions for XR and mobile developers. It strives to provide them with the essential tools to increase the value of their final product with guaranteed quality, faster development, and cross-platform deployment.

To learn more or to purchase Interhaptics be sure to visit Interhaptics also offers a freemium model to allow any creator out there to include great haptics and interaction into their digital creations. For any questions, please address your message to


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