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June 12th, 2020  |  By Interhaptics

Create virtual commerce scenarios with Interhaptics

Virtual commerce is a powerful tool for companies to promote their products and increase their sales. V-Commerce development is already showing promising results both in complex machinery sales and real estate visit with VR, and retail commerce with AR. In this blog post, we analyze how V-commerce scenario creators can leverage Haptics and hand interactions to increase the value for its customers. The Interhaptics team developed an exposition room use-case featuring useful multiple interactions that you can use to build a virtual showcase scenario.

Large Interaction Library

We implemented a large interaction library of interactive furniture items. You will have the possibility to see several actions that the user can experience in a physical shop. For instance, transforming the extendable couch into a bed, arranging the chair, opening the closet and its drawers, opening, and closing the drawers of the desk, etc. Customers can try the ergonomics and use of the products with realistic behavior and movements.

With Interhaptics, all of this is implementable in a few clicks within your application.

Multi-sensory experience with haptics

With Interhaptics, you can create your haptic designs very easily. You can build a multi-sensory e-shopping scenario and allow the customer to feel different materials and enrich the showcasing experience with targeted haptics sensations.

Haptics generates larger immersion and engagement in the customer. Recent research shows how this increased customer engagement during online shopping (

Hand Tracking Input Compatibility

Our suite supports hand tracking with most VR devices giving you the choice to switch between controllers and Hand tracking as you like, just as your controllers allow it. Interhaptics is based on a controller agnostic architecture. Thanks to this, you can integrate complex hand tracking interaction simply within Interhaptics.

Virtual Commerce experiences are a powerful way to improve users’ experience from the comfort of their houses. The sale experience is transformed into a playful shopping that is interactive, immersive and with a more hands-on approach. Interhaptics provides you the tools to build a virtual shopping scenario to enhance the immersion of your customer.

Check out all our articles here to read about how haptics keep you immersed in your VR experiences. Extend your reality now by downloading our suite and try out our demos.


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